We provide workshops which are relevant, thought-provoking and engaging for students. Below are some popular options, but if there are any particular aspects of Shakespeare, Dickens, Drama or English Literature that you think your students will find particularly useful, we are happy to create a workshop especially for your needs. All you need to do is contact us to discuss your school’s requirements.

Romeo and Juliet – Love, Hate and Destiny.

In this hour-long workshop, we explore the text with students to help them to explore destiny’s role in the play. They can form the Montague and Capulet gangs and have a go at hurling Shakespearean insults, witness the lovers’ first meeting, and create scenes for themselves to help understand how the bond between Romeo and Juliet is portrayed.

Richard III – Richard and His Women.

This hour-long workshop explores Richard III’s relationships with the women of the play, and the differences in his interactions with each of them. We examine Richard’s scene with his mother and Elizabeth and consider their response towards him, as well as his interactions with Lady Anne. We encourage the students to identify means of manipulation and communication, and they get the opportunity to create their own conversations, taking it in turns to play Richard himself.

Macbeth – Ambition, Greed and Destiny.

This workshop examines the power shift in Macbeth, the duplicity of the witches, and how Macbeth and Lady Macbeth respond to the effects of their ambition.

Prices for our workshops vary depending on requirements. Please contact us to find out more.