What The Dickens! (Juniors)

What the Dickens! is created to ensure that the new generation of young people do not miss out on the pleasure of knowing Charles Dickens and his wonderful array of extraordinary characters. 

A charity collector’s request for a contribution from the miserly Mr Scrooge is unsuccessful, to say the least, but before long Mr Scrooge has a chastening encounter with the ghost of his partner, Jacob Marley. Young Pip is struck with terror when the shackled convict Magwich suddenly appears and seizes him in a graveyard. And the beautiful, cold-hearted Estella soon exercises a hold over Pip that is no less disturbing.


Oliver Twist’s simple request for more gruel leads to encounters with several unsavoury characters, and Mr Pickwick’s involvement in an outrageously corrupt election campaign tells us something of the author’s feelings about politicians. Mr Micawber displays his unquenchable optimism that ‘something will turn up,’ … and if we want to know something about the worst of Victorian education, we can’t do better than a lesson from Mr Wackford Squeers!

Price: £500 +VAT for a single show (special deals available for multiple bookings).