Christmas With Dickens!

Christmas With Dickens! brings all the joy, wonder and festive cheer of Dickens’ world to your schools.

Charles Dickens was the originator of Christmas as we know it today- gift giving on the 25th, decorated trees, plum pudding, carol singing and much more…

Join the Cratchit family as they settle in on Christmas Eve. Bob is having trouble with his boss, Mr Scrooge, but Scrooge seems to be having a Christmas lesson of his own!


Oliver Twist’s simple request for more gruel leads to all sorts of adventures, including an intriguing encounter with The Artful Dodger! And if your students think teachers are strict today…wait till they get a lesson from Mr & Mrs Wackford Squeers!

Including festive songs and characters (Mr Christmas himself may even pop in to visit), this production is a seasonal treat for all ages.

For prices and further information about having The Globe Players visit your school see our FAQs page.