The Tempest

Prospero’s manipulation of the castaways on his magical island parallels the control the author himself has over his characters. In his final play as a solo author, Shakespeare consolidates the themes of his entire output. Love, hate, jealousy, revenge, forgiveness, reconciliation, kingship, conspiracy, usurpation, tyranny, treason, art, nature, magic, witchcraft… all these themes are brought together in The Tempest.

Key scenes covered:

  • The shipwreck
  • Prospero and Miranda’s history
  • The relationship between Ariel and Prospero
  • The relationship between Caliban and Prospero
  • The meeting of Miranda and Ferdinand
  • The buffoonery of Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban, and their plot against Prospero
  • Miranda and Ferdinand falling in love
  • Forgiveness and reconciliation

Price: £500 +VAT for a single show (special deals available for multiple bookings).