Autumn Tour 2019

We roar into the new academic year with a very strong repertoire of plays including a brand new staging of a Globe Players standard, A Christmas Carol. This new production takes on the format of our other hugely popular secondary school shows, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and What You Will. The action is interspersed with lively narration giving context and insight into Dickens’ masterpiece. The feedback we have received has been phenomenal.                                

Our other new production, An Inspector Calls, has been going from strength to strength and is quickly becoming one of our most booked shows. Audiences are fully engaged with the action and their reaction to each plot twist is a pleasure to experience.

We always offer Q&A sessions after every performance and our Inspector audiences consistently come up with brilliant and original ideas… Is the inspector a ghost? An angel? A political terrorist?… just some of the suggestions we have had!

And we of course deal with the political message that our socialist author, Priestley, wants us to take from the play. As members of a social community we are not isolated individuals. We are responsible to one another. If Priestley had his way, that would be how society organised itself.

Along with these two new shows we have two new actors…we are delighted to welcome them into the company… and we look forward to spending many long hours with them in the new van!

Bringing the magic of theatre to schools this autumn we present:

Macbeth ~ Romeo and Juliet ~ What You Will (an introduction to Shakespeare)

An Inspector Calls ~A Christmas Carol ~ Desperate Glory (the war poets)

Something for everyone – an education, and lots of fun!