Romeo and Juliet (Primary schools)

This new production of Shakespeare’s classic love story has been created especially for Primary Schools! Discover Shakespearean insults, party with the Capulets and of course, meet the most famous pair of lovers of all time…

This production combines key scenes of the play with fascinating facts and narration, ensuring clear storytelling and an engaging performance for younger audiences. Vibrant music, exciting fight scenes and plenty of romance make this a memorable introduction to Romeo and Juliet.

[The children] were amazed when it was explained how it was put together and needed a little time to get their heads around how this was possible!’ Meadow Park Academy

‘Everyone I spoke to has absolutely raved about it. The way you broke up the performance with short interludes explaining what was going on was really effective and definitely kept children engaged.  The humour and energy of everyone involved was spot on.’ St Christopher’s School

‘I wanted to let you all know that ALL our classes THOROUGHLY enjoyed your show this morning! They were really involved, laughed and joined in. Well done all!’ Barrowford St Thomas’ Primary School

For prices and further information about having The Globe Players visit your school see our FAQs page.