Comments from some of the schools visited by The Globe Players this year (2017)


Macbeth 18th January

Thank you ever so much for the performance of Macbeth yesterday. Students and staff (even ‘anti-Shakespeare’ teachers) have all spoken so highly of the actors and the experience. It was a really fantastic show.

Grace Swanborough, The Piggott School, Wargrave, Berks.


Romeo and Juliet 24th January

I know I say it every year but you really do bring the play to life for our students. All of today’s actors engaged with, talked to and inspired our girls with a fresh ‘take’ on Shakespeare. We loved it.

Elizabeth Heaney,  Bullers Wood School for Girls, Chislehurst, Kent.


Desperate Glory 31st January

The content and delivery were great and perfectly timed as the students have an unseen poetry assessment today. This performance was an excellent contribution.

Patricia Joseph, Willowbrook Humanities College, Walthamstow, E17.


What You Will 2nd March

Stunning show, you had my whole year 7 audience gripped. Lots of fun audience interaction, coupled with amazing acting. The students loved it and want to see more shows. The show introduced the big characters from Shakespeare’s plays in all their wonderful glory. I watched as my students were wide eyed and in some cases mouths were wide open. A fantastic end to our World Book Day.

Anne Underwood, Northwood School, Hillingdon, Middx.


Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet 23rd March

The impact of your performances on the pupils’ learning and understanding of the texts was of such a high level that we would very much like to invite you back next year.

Highdown School, Reading, Berks.


Macbeth 20th April

Thank you for a brilliant performance of Macbeth. Our Year 8s were absolutely enthralled and engaged from start to finish. The show really helped them to understand Macbeth and its themes. The Q&A session after the show was really informative.

Katie Donnison-James Cobham Free School, Cobham, Surrey.




What The Dickens!, Macbeth 26th April

The performances were excellent: dynamic and interactive, and our students were really engaged the whole way through.

Yasmin Afnan, Watford Grammar School for Girls, Watford, Herts.


What The Dickens!, Macbeth 4th May

The students absolutely loved the new What The Dickens! show. They loved the audience involvement and the humour of it all; a really great introduction for them.

Mathew Britten, Langley Academy, Slough, Berks.


What The Dickens!, Macbeth,  What You Will 21st June

The performances created impact across the three year groups. The Globe Players were extremely energetic and impressive… outstanding performances. It was a real joy for the students and a delight for the staff. We do hope to invite the Globe Players again next year. We have some great photos so I will arrange to send these.

Marian Conran, Ellen Wilkinson High School, Acton, W3.


Stunning show you had my whole year 7 audience gripped. Lots of fun audience interaction, coupled with amazing acting. The Students feedback has said they loved it and want to see more shows. I particularly liked that the show introduced the big characters from Shakespeare’s plays in all their wonderful glory.I watched as my students sat there wide eyed and in some cases mouths were wide open. It was a fantastic end to our World Book Day’. Anne Underwood (Senior Librarian) Northwood School, Middx.

‘Thank you for the fantastic performances delivered by your company last week! All of the students and staff have commented on how engaging and educational the performances were. Some of the students said the company made them laugh and cry – all good crying, due to the emotional intensity of the scene between Juliet and her father.’ Karen Guy, English Teacher, Loreto College, St Albans.

A review written by one of my students – she was so inspired she wanted to write this for you: ‘This show was scintillating and satisfying as the actors were very experienced and astonishing at telling the stories. At first the show kicked off with a loud, intense, boisterous soundtrack blistering the year sevens ears, and then followed with rapid, agile acting – it was quite frightening but prodigious!! ‘TheTempest’ opens in the midst of a storm, as a ship carrying the King of Naples and his party struggles to stay afloat. After each scene, the characters explained and told us facts about Shakespeare himself and the play they have just been performing. It ended with one of my favourite plays ever written by Shakespeare, ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’! The whole of year seven showed their appreciation by applauding them and even cheering – that was how engaging the performance was!! Right at the very end, myself and the year sevens were allowed to ask straightforward and difficult questions to the actors; we got many interesting answers like, the cast went to Colombia and other places around the world to perform and also one of the actors, called Jenny, had been acting for 51 years!! How amazing! The Globe did a tremendous job and I hope to see them again in year eight!’ By Sienna – Loreto College.

‘The performances were excellent: dynamic and interactive, and our students were really engaged the whole way through. It was a pleasure to have The Globe Players in school and we really hope that you can continue to come in future years.’ Yasmin Afnan, English Teacher, Watford Grammar School for Girls.

It was a huge success as always. The feedback from the students was overwhelming. Once again many, many thanks.’ Caroline Goss, English Teacher, Nower Hill High School, Harrow, Middx.

To entertain so completely children with an age range from 5 years to 11 years is a great skill. You seemed to pull this off with great ease! I watched the children’s faces throughout and it was lovely to see them experience the full range of emotions. They were enthralled and completely entranced by the performances. We have marked this day as the day the Globe Players introduced over 400 of our children to William Shakespeare and began a love for his works that will last them a lifetime.’ Craig Atkinson, Class Teacher, Dr. Triplett’s Primary School, Hayes, Middx.

‘A company always reaching out to its young audience and constantly refining its work to meet the needs of a variety of types of pupil. There is no doubt that for thousands of London’s pupils the Globe Players have been responsible for introducing classical works in such an entertaining and vigorous style that prior negative prejudices have been swept away within the timing of an hourglass. It was always a pleasure to host their work. I invited many theatre-in-education groups to my school over nearly three decades but none maintained such levels of reliable and substantial work as the Globe Players.Simon McCarthy, Drama Teacher, La Sainte Union School, London, NW5

The performance was fantastic and so relevant to our scheme of work. It was engaging, funny, interesting and a pleasure to witness. The Shakespearean language was made easy to understand. The Globe Players team were delightful people and extremely talented. They had the Year Sevens screaming with laughter and engaged throughout the entire hour. They have done nothing but talk about it since.’ Sophie Everist, English Teacher, Goffs School, Cheshunt, Herts.

‘As always, we were delighted with the performance and I loved watching the students’ faces! They went from being sulky teenagers to engrossed children which was lovely to see. I would recommend you wholeheartedly to any other school – you never let us down!Penelope Howard, English Teacher, Fulham Cross School, London, SW6

‘The Globe Players were amazing. It was a pleasure to host their performance. I am so glad to have got there in the end with organising it…the students loved it, the teachers loved it, and I had emails from parents saying the students enjoyed it so much they carried stories home about it!’ Miss C McInerney, Clapton Girls Academy, E5.