Outdoor Family Shows

23rd August 2020 at The New Normal Festival






The Globe Players have performed in professional venues since our beginnings in 1967. Sometimes we adapt our school’s shows to appeal to youngsters and grown-ups alike, but often we start from scratch, serving up full length Shakespearian epics.

Our resident director, Oliver Stephens, has worked in conjunction with C Theatre (Shakespeare for Breakfast & Shakespeare for Kids) to deliver their ‘Shakespeare in the Garden’ Edinburgh fringe offering for several years…productions include:

‘Charming as ever, Shakespeare In The Garden returns to the Fringe…Oliver Stephens strips it back and allows the garden at St. Peter’s to create the desired whimsical, romantic feel…really, really funny and a joy to watch’ The List

An enchanting outdoor production’ Remote Goat



Our artistic director, Jennifer McEvoy played in two of the productions garnering high praise for her roles.

‘Prospera was played with real gravitas and passion by that veritable doyenne of stage and screen Jennifer McEvoy. Commanding the stage every time she entered, this was a tour de force of a performance’ Fringe Review


We are available to tour throughout the year and specialise in ‘popping up’ wherever you want to see theatre. We have performed in dining rooms for thirty and on the back of articulated lorries for thousands!


Audience feedback

 Angela Weber Saw As You Like It this evening with my kids. None of us had ever seen or read the play, so we went in without knowing anything about it and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Sometimes the language can be a hindrance to a Shakespearean play (especially for younger viewers), making it seem stuffy and unrelatable, however, you can tell the cast truly understands their material and therefore, brings it to life effortlessly in a way that both transceds the language AND embraces it. The portrayal of Jaques was especially captivating. We will try to make it to the children’s program that they offer as well- highly recommended!

Anna, Alice and Robin Outstanding, in every respect. We came away this evening feeling truly grateful to the cast. They were so impressive individually and collectively. Rosalind and Celia were terrific alone and a delight to experience together. There were many small touches that added to the enjoyment the cast gave to the audience, and clearly shared. Thank you.

Evie Everything about this made me happy. The performance is in a little oasis – a church garden, just far enough from the buzz of the main Festival but still easy and quick to get to. It was a joy to leave work and cycle over, cuddle up with a fleece blanket and a drink, and relax. The performance was charming and funny. Honestly, the perfect match for such a lovely space. Well done to the performers! Would definitely recommend for when you’re ready to venture away from New Town or George Square.

Ella March This was a magical evening, despite the slight drizzle. The performance was brilliant, and funny and easy to follow for both my parents (who don’t see a lot of Shakespeare) and me. The cast were alive with enthusiasm and made us feel a part of the story, which made the whole production utterly engaging. The beautiful garden finished the picture, although the blankets were very much appreciated.

Maggie Hiskey Superb! Watched this on a damp, cold and grey evening and it’s testament to the skill, talent and commitment of these guys that we became completely absorbed in the play and forgot the rest. Set in the atmospheric church garden, We were made to think, laugh, cry and just thoroughly enjoy the production. The acting was intense and so good. Together with the excellent direction of Oliver Stephens it’s a show not to be missed. Blankets and rugs on hand for the less hardy, you’ll love it. Good luck for the rest of the festival- and here’s hoping for sunnier skies -you deserve them.

Nancy Lynn We go every year and it’s always the first Fringe ticket ticket we purchase. As You Like It is wonderful and inventive, and we will go a second time! Not to be missed.

Jon Wainwright Lots of love in this play, and lots to love about this production. Heartwarming and funny. On a cool evening with the sun catching the treetops, a strong ensemble cast work their magic to transport us to Arden.

Karen Baxter This is Shakespeare for everyone. A performance full of energy and humour. A cast with confidence and command. A delightful venue. Very highly recommended

Simon Fawcett What a fantastic show! Loads of energy from the whole cast. Sometimes Shakespeare can be difficult to follow but this troop made it very easy and we as an audience loved every minute! I highly recommend it.