Online Workshop

We know the huge value our audiences place on a visit from The Globe Players but we believe we have more to offer. 

We have developed a range of workshops that use our tried-and-tested Globe Player performances, but allow your students to bring the words to life themselves. For those who wish to gain an overview of a play and have a go at speaking the verse, we have developed our group workshops. Your students are invited to be ‘Globe Players’, rehearsing with our actors to develop their own take on scenes from well-known plays. Full of the magic of Shakespeare’s worlds, and including helpful narration that your students can share, these are a brilliant way for your students to stay engaged and enthused by Shakespeare during lockdown and beyond! See our trailer here:

Live on an online group call, participants will:

  • Experience the atmosphere of a real theatre company with an online warm-up led by one of our actors.
  • Gain an overview of the play.
  • Get the opportunity to speak the verse.
  • Rehearse with our actors to develop their own unique interpretations.

We will look at key scenes from Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The scenes will be interspersed with specially created narration and we will encourage the students to develop their performances in engaging and exciting new ways… 

We are  developing ‘In Focus’ workshops too. Older students who are preparing for exams may find these in-depth workshops a great way to really hone their understanding of a text. The actors they know and recognise from The Globe Players stage will deliver in-depth thoughts and analysis on key moments throughout the plays, for example:

‘How does Lady Macbeth use language to manipulate Macbeth?’

Our Lady Macbeth and Macbeth will record ‘the persuasion’ scene (direct from their living rooms during the lockdown) ‘breaking out’ to ‘break it down’!

  • Why has Shakespeare has used the words he has?
  • How do those words make the characters feel?
  • Why do those words cause the reactions that they do?

At the end of our ‘in focus’ workshop we will turn the tables onto the students themselves and offer them the opportunity to submit interpretations of lines which they can choose to share online or simply keep as a personal record. We can also work with your students to develop their own interpretations of key scenes, to really put their knowledge into practice.