Online, Live-Streamed Performances

Due to social distancing, we are now offering our popular productions of Shakespeare, Dickens and more as live-streams that your school can access on YouTube. Below are the dates of up-coming live broadcasts:

For Primary and Secondary schools
The Play’s the Thing (An introduction to Shakespeare)Sept 22, Oct 23,
Nov 20
What the Dickens! (Festive show)Dec 16, 17, 18

For Secondary Schools
Macbeth Sept 23, Oct 22, Nov 19
Romeo and Juliet Nov 4, 24, Dec 8
Desperate Glory (The War Poets)Nov 10, 11
A Christmas CarolDec 4, 9, 11

All shows will be live-streamed at 9.30am and 1.45pm each performance day.

Give your students the chance to watch our shows, without worrying about distancing! These online, virtual shows are almost identical to the performances that we tour to schools, brimming with the humour, drama and energy that has proved so thrilling to our audiences over the years. If your school wants to join the audience at the next live-stream of one of our shows, just let us know.

The Shows

Here is what a teachers from Harris Girl’s Academy, East Dulwich thought of our online performance of Macbeth:

I wanted to say how much we enjoyed the virtual performance of ‘Macbeth’ on Tuesday.  We have already had comments from students saying that it really helped revise the text and interestingly focus on key quotes and characters. It was a thoughtful interpretation and cleverly put together.  The interplay between characters from their remote settings worked really well.  We are looking forward to ‘The Play’s the Thing’ next week.  We will certainly be looking out for future opportunities to engage with these events and hope you are able to continue to offer them next term.

Chris Brown, Harris Girl’s Academy, East Dulwich

Here are some reactions to The Play’s The Thing from the pupils of Hampton High School:

The Play’s The Thing is a phenomenal play, produced by exquisite actors. The actors were simply outstanding, and made the performance interesting, which drew my attention. I thoroughly enjoyed this showcase as I learned many new things whilst being entertained. Thank you, I found it amazing 

 I watched this today and I thought it was brilliant. I thought it was really interesting to see lots of different bits of Shakespeare’s plays, how they are performed and the old English style of language. I also thought the actors were really good and they were funny. 🙂 

 I think the play was well done, especially since it was on zoom. I think the green screen for the backgrounds really helped make it feel like a real live play at a real theatre

The Play’s the Thing was an international phenomenon executed with excellence and fulfilled to perfection and creativity. Overall, in my judgement, this gave an extraordinary overview of Shakespeare’s extensive exploration and performing one of his most worthy plays such as Midsummer Night’s dream.

 The play was funny and its was well created. Thanks for doing this I really enjoyed it. 🙂

Why live?

The magic and thrill of theatre stems from its live format – anything can, and does, happen! When you go to the theatre, you know that the show you watched will never be identical to the one performed the following day – audiences are a part of the action and the actors feed off their energy. We cannot totally replicate this online, but this method does allow students at home or school to have the same shared experience at the same time – a connection that cannot be achieved from a recording. 

How does it work?

It is no coincidence that during lockdown, theatre companies worldwide have turned to Zoom as their web-conferencing platform of choice. It offers options and capabilities that can’t be found together on another platform; virtual backgrounds, sound and screen sharing, the ability to share control of proceedings with multiple participants and a whole host of other functions that create intriguing and exciting storytelling. However, we know that Zoom is not always the ideal choice for schools. This is why we have developed shows that can be live-streamed from Zoom to YouTube, so that you and your students do not need to join a call or change any settings to experience the live performance at its best: We’ll do the tech, you just sit back and enjoy the show. It’s as easy as watching a YouTube video.


The safety of your students is of paramount importance and we have taken a range of measures to ensure our shows meet your school’s safeguarding standards.

  • Since students watch the production via YouTube, we will never have access to their microphones or cameras.
  • A 20 sec (approx.) delay between Zoom and the live stream means that, in the highly unlikely scenario that the worst should happen and our Zoom privacy is compromised, we can shut down the live-stream before this is broadcast to our audience.
  • The only people present on the Zoom call are the actors and stage management of the company – the same people that you would meet if we visited your school in person. 
  • The live chat will be moderated and controlled by our stage management. It will be switched on at specified moments when we encourage reaction from our audience and for a Q&A session after the show if the school would like one.


£150 (+VAT) per school for a link to join 1 live-streamed performance.

£250 (+VAT) per school for links to join any 2 live-streamed performances.

£500 (+VAT) per school for links to any 4 live-streamed performances.

(£450 (+VAT) for a live-streamed performance just for your school, on the date of your choice, with a Q&A session.)

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