The Globe Players continue to receive heartfelt letters of praise…

… from primary schools:

‘They were enthralled and completely entranced by the performances. We have marked this day as the day the Globe Players introduced over 400 of our children to William Shakespeare and began a love for his works that will last them a lifetime.’*

… and secondary schools:

‘The show introduced the big characters from Shakespeare’s plays in all their wonderful glory. I watched as my students were wide eyed and in some cases mouths were wide open. A fantastic end to our World Book Day.’**

And we keep going, for the present, despite the fact that schools are under increasing pressure to cut their expenditure.

On the morning of Tuesday, 18th July we are giving a performance of our (one-hour) productions of Macbeth and What the Dickens! at Westminster City School and the school has kindly agreed to allow us to invite guests to the performances. We would be delighted if you were able to come to either performance or both, and then join us for lunch at the nearby Cask and Glass – see invitation.

Party invite

We do hope you are able to come – and please feel free to bring a friend who might be interested – for a very enjoyable morning to see the great value of the work we do.

This summer we are touring with Text Study productions of Macbeth, The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet and What the Dickens! Next term we will be adding our World War One show, Desperate Glory, to this repertoire, and then in December we will visit over 120 primary and secondary schools with Christmas shows which will be seen by over 51,000 children.

The vast majority of school budgets cannot any longer support the real cost of our performances. Our future as a company is under immediate threat as a result. It remains the case that in order to continue our work as a registered charity we need funding from other sources, over and above what the schools can afford. If we don’t get it, we will close – after over 50 years creating a love of theatre in the young, building generations of theatregoers, and ensuring a healthy supply of audiences for this wonderful live art.

While most of our income comes from performances in schools, both primary and secondary, we do also need annually about £20,000 in donations.

If you are unable to attend the performances at Westminster School, please go to our website anyway to get an idea of the valuable service we provide to young people. If you like what you see, do please feel free to donate to ensure our ability to continue our work. You can do so by following this link: or by sending a cheque to The Globe Players, 1a-3a Holly Road, Hampton Hill, Middlesex TW12 1QF.

* Craig Atkinson, Dr Triplett’s Primary School, Hayes, Middx.

** Anne Underwood, Northwood School, Middx.