Autumn Tour 2019

After a long hot summer we are raring to get back on the road! We have two wonderful new actors joining us. We have a new van with a brand new staging of A Christmas Carol on board. Our production of An Inspector Calls is proving extremely popular. We have new haircuts, new shoes and a new map of London and the Home Counties – well, a new satnav… actually it’s just Ollie’s new(ish) phone.                                    

Patrons: Jeremy Irons, Hayl

We have 37 Macbeths booked (a few slots remain – who will be the 38th?),

a cell of Inspectors,

a lovenest of Romeo and Juliets,

a bulging stocking of Christmas Carols,

and more. Limited slots are still available. Get phoning and emailing Tony…

Looking forward to seeing you soon

‘The actors were fabulous, very generous with their time and hugely engaging both in the performances and in the Q&As. It was pitched perfectly. We also loved the fourth wall breaking context explanation of key concepts and ideas!’                                                 Richard Glieg, Oasis Academy

Obviously year 8 thoroughly enjoyed the Shakespeare introduction, but I had a number of year 11s go out of their way to come and tell me how useful they found the An Inspecor Calls performance. Particularly the low ability students said it really helped with their understanding of sequence/plot. The low ability teachers have noticed this improvement in understanding.

Adam Belbin, Thomas Knyvett College, Ashford, Middx

The pupils especially loved An Inspector Calls – they found the contextual soundbites peppered through the performance really helped; they were all making notes and we as teachers thought it was great that they could watch the action and link to context at the same time.

Laura Mistry, Thomas More High School, Purley, Surrey

The students were amazed at how adeptly the actors slipped from one character into another, occasionally pausing to include contextual knowledge about the play and era. All students have studied the play in depth and gave the actors their undivided attention. Students gasped with shock at some of the lines and were moved by the tears shown by the character of Sheila Birling. One student commented that this play is so powerful as the themes are still relevant today.

Ellen Wilkinson High School, Acton, W3

“An Inspector Calls was marvellously performed in the round by the Globe Players. Our Year 11 students were mesmerised throughout the production. All students had a sound knowledge of the play as it is one of their GCSE texts. The students were very impressed with the way the actors played the role of more than one character and liked the way the characters stepped out of role to add a sprinkling of context about the theatre, the audience, themes and ideas. It was wonderful to see Priestley’s work come to life at Ellen Wilkinson School.

Marian Conran, Assistant Head, Ellen Wilkinson High School

An Inspector Calls Testimonials

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