‘I was absolutely blown away by your Macbeth performance last Friday’                                                                                 Leonie Dedat, Pimlico Academy 2019

Macbeth is a play of contrasts: good/evil, light/darkness, thought/action, witchcraft/divinity, appearance/reality. These contrasts are examined in this production, in which we follow Macbeth’s inexorable decline as he treads, in the Porter’s words, “the primrose way to the everlasting bonfire”. A fascinating examination of the main themes of Shakespeare’s darkest play.

Key scenes covered:

  • The initial meeting with the witches.
  • The development of the plot to murder King Duncan.
  • The Porter scene.
  • The discovery of Duncan’s body.
  • The Banquet scene and Banquo’s ghost.
  • The second meeting with the witches.
  • The sleepwalking scene.
  • The decline of Macbeth.
  • Macduff’s victory.

These scenes are interspersed with narration and analysis of plot and language.

Once again we were treated to a spectacular production of one of Shakespeare’s most famous works. The actors really brought Macbeth to life, and even had year 10 and 11 students laughing out loud at the Porter’s scene! Students and staff alike were ‘rapt withal’ from start to finish. Thank you.

The Piggott School, Wargrave

Price: £500 +VAT for a single show (special deals available for multiple bookings).

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