Individual Plays

These one-hour versions of the plays are made up of key scenes, interspersed with narration and analysis. All students will gain a clear understanding of the plots, as well as the motivations of the key characters. Important language structures and devices are also covered, making these productions invaluable to students sitting exams on these texts. Click the titles below for more information on each production.

Macbeth     Romeo and Juliet    The Tempest

What to Expect

Generally speaking, these shows are performed in the round, with our own stage erected in the centre of your school hall and the students seated in rows on four sides. View seating plan. However, we are extremely flexible as regards staging, and we are usually able to present the play on your school stage if required. We aim to arrive an hour before the scheduled performance start time so that we can set up and be well prepared for the students when they enter the performance space.


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