From Our Actors


RE: The Globe Players

To whom it may concern,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing in support of The Globe Players who are a company who produce theatre productions of the highest calibre, and who are the initial inspiration for my pursuit in the career I currently have as an actress and entertainment professional.

I am a highly credited actress with over 20 years of experience in the industry, ranging from stage, screen, VR, voiceover and immersive productions. I started my career in the early 2000’s, however, it was The Globe Players who were the instrumental catalyst to my vocation becoming a reality. 

I attended a state school in Highgate called La Sainte Union Convent School and we were fortunate to have visits from The Globe Players. Their performances in our school made not only plays and literature more accessible but sparked fuel in the attainability of my dream profession. At that point it had seemed to me to be something I couldn’t achieve due to assertions imposed on me by family and friends. 

The impact the visits of The Globe Players had on me as a young student was profound, to the point where when watching one of their shows I vowed to myself that I would one day work for them. The minute I graduated as an actor from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, they were the first company I approached for an invite to audition, and following that I worked for them for five successive years. 

To have professionally performed theatre in my school was not only captivating but also so invaluable. It made the learning of Shakespeare texts and periods of time in history so much more tangible and engaging. It literally moulded my skill in expression and deciphering relationships and understanding different people. The effect this company on me cannot be more pronounced if not by the very fact that even now I can recall the shows I saw even these years ahead. They performed ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (in our sports hall), ‘Macbeth’ , ‘The Victorians’ and ‘ Romeo and Juliet’ (in our canteen hall) – and every performance was an educational escape into texts that bounced off the page, into reality, and into the psyches of me and my peers.  

Through their visits I not only became empowered in my understanding of the curriculum set for me, but also in my own development as a person. It spurred me onto realising my dream profession needn’t be a pipe dream. 

Should you have any questions for me or need me to elaborate further, please do not hesitate to contact me, 

Kindest Regards,

Luisa Guerreiro