Fairy tales

These much-loved stories are brought to life with fantastic costumes, music and settings. They are presented at one end of your school hall or performance space, with the audience seated on the floor. We aim to arrive at least half an hour before the scheduled start time, so we can be set up and ready when the children enter the hall.

Available November / December 2021:


There is EXCITEMENT, MAGIC and LOTS OF COMEDY in this superb dramatization of the famous
Grimm’s tale.

The King is unimpressed by the Miller’s boasts about his daughter Milanda’s accomplishments,
until he puts her to the test – and she spins straw into gold!

Or that’s what he thinks.

The miracle has, in fact, been performed by a strange man who has suddenly appeared to Milanda and spun the gold in exchange for a necklace.

When the King wants a second basket of gold, the man appears again. This time the price is Milanda’s ring.

But when it comes to a third basket, she has nothing left to give.

The problem seems to be solved when the man merely demands a promise – that Milanda will give him her first baby. She gives the promise without another thought.

The King is so pleased with his third basket of gold that he decides, there and then, to marry Milanda.

A year and a day later, Milanda is in the woods with her new baby, Prince Rupert, when the strange man appears again.

He claims his reward.

After much pleading by Milanda, the man says he will allow her to keep her baby on one condition: She must guess his name. But how is she to do that?

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Previously available:

There is lots of excitement and hilarious comedy before the enchanted princess finally awakes from her long sleep to find her prince. An enchanting staging of the traditional tale using Tchaikovsky’s ballet music.

cinderella CINDERELLA
A magical play staged in traditional style, with Prokofiev’s ballet music and plenty of comedy between Buttons and the Stepsisters, until eventually virtue triumphs over bad temper and greed.

Based on the much-loved story by Hans Christian Andersen, this charming comedy features a soldier, a princess and a particularly daft dog. Our dramatization is packed with excitement and comedy.

beauty_beast_icon BEAUTY AND THE BEAST
As Beauty’s good nature begins to work its magic on the beast/prince, his bad temper gradually disappears. A delightful version of this classic tale, full of comedy and suspense.