Desperate Glory (The War Poets)

This production explores the poetry of the First World War, from the idealistic verse of Rupert Brooke’s The Soldier through to Wilfred Owen’s harrowing Dulce Et Decorum Est. The poetry is interspersed with music hall songs of the time, facts about the war itself, and first-hand accounts of life during the first industrialized war. We move from comedy and audience involvement, to moments of stillness and chilling gravity, and back to comedy and satirical verse, creating a show that is extremely moving, richly entertaining, and, above all, thought-provoking.

Desperate Glory photo 6

Poets discussed:

  • Rupert Brooke
  • Charles Sorely
  • Wilfred Owen
  • Siegfried Sassoon
  • Rose Macaulay
  • Herbert Read
  • Isaac Rosenberg

Desperate Glory was absolutely brilliant! The students really enjoyed it and it was so lovely to see the poetry brought to life in such a way. Some of the readings actually made me quite emotional! More importantly, it was excellent for the students.

 Northwood School, Northwood, Middlesex

Price: £500 (+VAT) per show (see FAQ page for more details)

Join a live-stream performance: your students can access a live show via YouTube for £150 (+VAT) per school.